Submissions Guidelines

Submissions are currently closed for the 2017 edition (Vol. 14).

Length: Articles should not exceed 6000 words including footnotes and citations. Notes, such as book reviews or commentary on developing policy issues, should not exceed 3000 words including footnotes and citations. Abstracts are required for all notes and articles.

Special issue submissions must be less than 2,000 words, or two pages if submitting original visual aids (graphic designs or photos). Summaries are required to explain the inspiration of these submissions and its relevance to the current special issue topic. All endnotes, no footnotes. Special issue topics will be announced during the call for submissions each year.

Style: Chicago Manual of Style. In-text citations are not required for special issue category submissions, but if included, they must follow the Chicago Manual of Style. All published articles must include endnote citations. Footnote citations will not be accepted.

Format: Fill out the submissions form (accessible when the call for submissions is released each year). Email with a .DOC, .DOCX, or .WPD version of your work as well. Please do not submit .PDF or other files. The subject line of your email should be in the following format: Last Name, First Initial–Winter 2016 MJPA (Article/Note/Special Issue) Submission.

Also, prior to submission, authors should read the Statement of Disclosure and Copyright Notice sections.