Statement of Disclosure

Statement of Disclosure about the Editorial Review Process

All papers selected for submission will undergo review by the Editorial team (consisting of graduate students) of MJPA. Authors should be aware that they will be expected to revise submitted articles prior to publication. In order to facilitate the review and the formatting processes, please clearly identify sections and subsections, as well as the citations for figures and photographs. The MJPA Journal reserves the right to exclude any article from inclusion in final publication at any point in this process.

MJPA also maintains the right to edit, delete, or change any aspect of an article at its own discretion. Any major changes will be communicated to the author prior to publication. In addition, MJPA may reproduce, excerpt, or otherwise utilize published material in its future publications, website or events without the explicit consent of the author. MJPA maintains a commitment to protecting the work of its authors and to ensuring that this work is not reproduced unlawfully or without the author’s permission by other parties.