The Michigan Journal of Public Affairs has begun accepting submissions for Volume 15. Policy professionals, scholars and graduate students are encouraged to submit articles, notes and op-eds on a policy-related subject by January 13, 2018.

Writers are also encouraged to submit work relevant to this year’s Special Issue topic: Wicked Problems.

Many of today’s social and cultural problems seem difficult or impossible to solve. Incomplete or contradictory information, the number of factors involved and impacted, and changing conditions all make “wicked” problems both difficult to recognize and address.

The work of untangling these problems is typically delegated to policy makers, or written off as being too cumbersome to handle en masse. Yet these are the problems—equality, poverty, sustainability, health—that plague our cities and our world.

Below are detailed instructions for submitting written work to MJPA Volume 15.

  • Email submissions to
  • Email subject line should be in this format: Last name, First Initial-Volume 15 (Article/Note/Special Issue)
  • Include your name, institution and title of your paper in the email.
  • Reference whether the submission is an article, note or special issue
  • Do NOT include your name in the actual paper
  • Attach your paper as a .DOC, .DOCX, or .WPD, complete with citations, to the email

For more information, please contact