Many of today’s social and cultural problems seem difficult or impossible to solve. Incomplete or contradictory information, the number of factors involved and impacted, and changing conditions all make “wicked” problems both difficult to recognize and address.

The work of untangling these problems is typically delegated to policy makers, or written off as being too cumbersome to handle en masse. Yet, these are the problems that plague our cities and our world.

Length: Special Issue pieces must be less than 2,000 words, or two pages if submitting original visual aids (graphic designs or photos). Summaries are required to explain the inspiration of these submissions and its relevance to the current special issue topic.

Style: In-text citations are not required for special issue category submissions, but if included, they must follow the Chicago Manual of Style. Works accepted for the special issue include:

  • Manuscripts
  • Notes
  • Op-Eds
  • Alternative Policy Writing
  • Photo Essays

Authors should note that the same criteria for quality, originality, and significance for regular articles or notes also apply to articles in the special issue category. For specifications, refer to the Submission Guidelines.