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MJPA Volume 13 (2016) Published

MJPA Volume 13 Ad

The editorial board of the Michigan Journal of Public Affairs is pleased to announce publication of the 2016 edition of the journal, Volume 13. View it here!


In our call for papers this year, we established the first-ever special issue for the journal, around the theme of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms. This volume offers an excellent array of papers on this topic and others:

  • Human Capital Theory and Practice: The Effect of Tuition Increases on College Major Selection by Rashid Malik and Austin Slaughter

  • Natural Disasters and the United States’ Electricity Grid: The Role of FEMA and the Value of Micro-Grids by Gilbert Michaud

  • Ban the Box: An Evaluation by Selamawit Misgano

  • The Necessity of Taxation Justice for a More Profound Decolonization Process in Ecuador by Luis Salvador

  • Permission Denied: Sina Weibo Behind China’s Great Firewall by Xin Xu

  • The Iraqi Constitutional Process by Ashley Connelly

  • Singapore’s Domestic Workers: Changing Public Attitudes by Chelsea Racelis

  • Analyzing the 2006 One Million Signatures Campaign: Toward a Critical understanding of Legally Enforced Gender Inequality in Iran by Shireen Smalley

We want to extend our thanks to all of the authors featured in Volume 13 for working with us to showcase some of the finest student-penned policy scholarship available. Additionally, we appreciate the efforts of our editorial staff; the guidance of our faculty advisor, Paula M. Lantz, PhD; and the longstanding support of the Dean’s Office here at the Ford School.

We are delighted to share this issue with you and encourage you to answer our call for submissions to Volume 14!

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